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January 20

UFOs "could end up defining Joe Biden's presidential legacy." Let that comment sink in for a moment. Tim McMillan and Tom Rogan marshal a great deal of factual data, plus "statements made on the record and some made in private, not for attribution," by People Who Should Know. Six fundamental and unsettling "observations" are followed by a short history of American governmental reaction to the UFO problem. (For a fuller understanding of this larger background see UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry, Michael Swords and Robert Powell, eds., published by Anomalist Books.) Converted by their recent investigations, McMillan and Rogan recognize their change of opinion still carries penalties in what we have all along called the "real" world. They conclude with a direct plea--and challenge--to the Biden Administration to "put smart and non-dogmatic people in place on the UAP issue, and make it known you want them finally to face this decades-long UFO taboo." It will be interesting to see, with all the other compelling issues at this juncture, what "clout" this strong article wields. (WM)

Those who hear spirits are accustomed to being accused of suffering from mental illness. It turns out there may be a connection between hearing the voice of spirit (clairaudience) and the voice of unbalanced brain chemistry. But make no mistake, while the former often brings peace or consolation, the latter brings torment. Why the difference? While we await an answer to that question, allow us to direct you to the following interview: Leslie Kean, NETFLIX, Surviving Death, Game Changing. Kean is more than a television producer. She is a writer and investigator with an impressive resume of accomplishments linked to UFO disclosure. This woman is no stranger to the strange. Enjoy the interview, and be sure you catch this ground-breaking series, which some say offers "a massive talking point" on the subject. (CM)

A Jennie Zeidman television appearance has Rich Reynold remarking the intensity of some UFO researchers, set against the backdrop of their own inexorable advance towards The Hereafter. Pivoting slightly, and not referring to the late Jennie, Rich thinks many ufologists avoid doing "real research or investigation, or serious conjecture" on the "Core" UFO Mystery. But Where's Ufology's Great Thinker? asks Rich. Who has really "confronted the phenomenon with any kind of consequence"? Jose Antonio Caravaca has at least approached regarding UFOs: A Theory of Everything [Reality, Existence, and, Yes, "God"], as Rich puts it. Rich sketches some of Caravaca's thinking here; for another aspect see Jose's own The Instability Of The UFO Phenomenon. (WM)

January 19

Hayley Stephens ponders whether the many sightings of these critters is due to escapees from private collections, or "native species" long thought extinct. Though the former sounds more likely, whatever the cause, sightings have got off to a good start in 2021. And to reinforce it, we learn that Possible “Beast of Leeds” Footprints Found in England. In woodland near the Yorkshire city of Leeds, "mysterious prints" have recently been found. A Big Cat, or just a big dog? There's much speculation among the locals. Take a look for yourselves via the links in this piece, by Jocelyn LeBlanc. (LP)

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force report is due around June 1st, but don't get your hopes up for its timing and even its appearance, says George Knapp. He lists several reasons to temper expectations, including a blockbuster: the person who strongly led the Task Force has been reassigned by the Navy. Ouch! Nonetheless, a UFO Expert Says 'Clock Is Ticking' On Possible Seismic Revelations, says Rebecca Shepherd, referring to Nick Pope. Pope projects a rosier picture than does Luis Elizondo in the Knapp article, but both agree that the report is just one step in a larger process. Pope also predicts "some big UFO stories in 2021." Pope may be overselling hopes, and he himself has been the subject of recent UFO discussion, as Rich Reynolds covers in Nick Pope (and His Detractors). And Nick Redfern continues the expectation de-escalation efforts with Why We Don't Get to See the Really Good UFO Documents. (WM)

Here's a pair of mariner tales as presented by EsoterX, the thinking person's fortean. Suitably timed too, considering 2021 is evidently the year of the sea shanty. This first story asks the question, "Doppleganger? Or refracted cloud image?" Spoiler Alert: since the ship in question didn't appear like something out of the 1972 movie Poseiden Adventure, our money's on the doppleganger. Next, it's the story of an ill-fated ship that we'll refer to as The Curse of the Lawrenceburg Ferry. During the 1800s, through various associations with the vessel, a notable number of lives were either lost or destroyed. No wonder we don't pay the ferryman ahead of time. (CM)

January 18

Forget "Jet Pack Guy"; some really puzzling stuff is going on in LA of late. Joseph Trevithick's January 13th article has much information and intelligent speculation about just what these dark helicopters have been doing. He follows up with Those Mysterious Dark Helicopters Were Landing On Multiple Downtown LA Rooftops Last Night (Updated). The specific timing of these apparent exercises is interesting, and the long history of black helicopters associated with cattle mutilations and UFOs, often buzzing UFO witnesses, just adds another bit of intrigue. But probably not associated with Paul Seaburn's Mysterious Long-and-Pointy Craft Seen in Secret Area 51 Hangar. Paul summarizes this recent sensation, sending us unsurprisingly to The War Zone and writers Trevithick and Tyler Rogoway, who say Let's Talk About This Intriguing Object Seen in the Scoot-And-Hide Hangar At Area 51. More interesting, if again inconclusive, speculation. (WM)

A witness from British Columbia, Canada, recently shared a Bigfoot encounter that occurred Christmas Eve night of 2008. Driving home down a snowy rural road, passengers in a car noticed on the side of the road what appeared to be a grizzly bear walking on two legs. Later that night curiosity won out over caution and they returned to the area to determine what they had seen. The large, single file footprints in the snow were a good indicator that Santa wasn't the only hairy man out and about that night. In a more recent strange encounter, Witness Reports Winged Creature with "Human Proportions" Seen While Traveling through Northeastern Illinois. As with similar flying hominid reports, the sighting took place near Chicago's O'Hare airport, and the creature was approximately the size of an average man. With wings. Not much else to say since it flew across the road and over the cornfields, which sounds a little like a metaphor for folks going crazy--but they weren't, if this account can be believed. Meanwhile, did you know The Chupacabra: Misidentified for Decades as a Vampire. It was really just a matter of not having all the facts. Cattle supposedly drained of blood weren't as bone dry as they seemed. The blood inside the corpses had simply pooled away from the surface, leading frightened onlookers to believe Something Had Sucked All The Blood out of the cattle. Not so--although yes, it could have been a Chupacabra that did the pillaging to farmers' livestock. Or aliens. Wonder if we'll ever see a Chupacabra take on ET to fight over a midnight snack? (CM)

John Greenewald's recent efforts to make the CIA's archive of UFO documents more usable is bearing fruit with the worldwide media, say the Mystery Wire staff. They describe the trove and give some interesting sighting examples. The direct link to the Greenewald, Jr. searchable pdf conversions is UFOs: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Collection. Sometimes the mainstream media gets things imperfectly; thus i95 Rock writer Lou Milano's White Plains Man Had His UFO Research Monitored By CIA, Declassified Docs. Milano thanks John "Greenwald" (that error is in his New York Post source) while trying to interpret intelligence interest in Leon Davidson. Milano misreads "ATIC" in CIA pages as "attic," puzzling over that reference. ("ATIC" should refer to the Air Technical Intelligence Center operating under that name from 1951 to 1961.) Monitoring an irritant like Leon Davidson is one thing; Nick Redfern asks UFOs: A Subject That Can Become Deadly? The untimely and rather mysterious demise of the first U.S. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal has spawned a UFO-flavored conspiracy theory, which Nick seriously doubts. And in From the MJ12 Documents to the 5412 Documents: A Connection? Nick answers another conspiracy-type question. Only here Nick suggests the MJ12 material itself is the conspiracy, and that the "12" in both "MJ12" and "5412" is part of that. (WM)

January 17

Here's some intriguing analysis of a long-standing trope in urban legend and fortean circles, courtesy of Deborah Hyde. While ride-sharing is a factor, there are a few others which may explain the decline of phantom hitchhikers that deserve attention. Other phantoms are alive and well, including the noisy ones. F'rinstance there's Angela And The Stones. It's a spooky story concerning the Verdugo family, a poltergeist, and mysterious missiles coming from all angles and Paul Cropper reckons it warrants more than dismissal as "mischief" by skeptics and believers alike. Following up on a news item reported last Tuesday, the Coast Guard Ends Their Search For A Missing Boat In The Bermuda Triangle. Just when everyone thought the Triangle was conquered in an era of GPS and smart technology, The Tampa Bay Times illustrates the difficulty of the search and the circumstances surrounding this vanishing. (CS)

When a stranger tells your mum, "Your house is haunted" then you know it's genuinely haunted. Emily Kirkpatrick has the lowdown on former One Direction singer's brush with things going bump in the night at his posh former digs. Coming in at a tangent, Paul Seaburn has coverage of Liam Payne's mansion selling, but notes Cate Blanchett Keeps Her Haunted Mansion But Evicts Bats. Paul teases at Cate's new home being haunted, but talks about other creepy inhabitants of her shed and the slings and arrows Cate must suffer in order to build a proper office in her garden. For those who are inclined visually, Eve Tawfick's begin the Search For Lynn Photographer Who Captured "Ghostly Face" At Window. Why? Copyright. Then again with Earth being home to 113 billion Homo sapiens, the entire planet is a literal haunted house! Check out Kelly Whitt's Myths Behind The Southern And Northern Lights which bring their own special strangeness to these long nights. (CS)

January 16

Folks are hype about the U.S. Space Force's Guardians, but consider how the UK's SAS wants to be ahead of the curve. Isobel Dickinson provides just enough details to pique curiosity about how their elites are prepared to go full XCOM in real life. But why all the prep when nobody's answered Fermi's immortal question? Dig this new discovery in space, courtesy of George Knapp where a FM SIgnal Coming From Jupiter's Moon Ganymede and clears up the signal's provenance. One thing's for certain, if we're going to be invaded by Venusians they had better have microscopes considering how tiny they might be. Which ably segues us into Nick Redfern's own question, "Is There Life On Venus? Just Maybe There Is!" Many folks have pondered the topic long before the detection of phosphines, and Nick provides a handy reference for the next time you get into an argument with a greyface. (CS)

It's amazing what folks can do with code nowadays, and Paul Seaburn marvels with the rest of us that programmers can get their computers stoned. Rather than ingesting 'shrooms, smoking DMT, nor dropping acid, Michael Schartner and his hacker friends coded up their electronic equivalents with astonishing results. Sadly humans aren't as smart as those programmers nor their artificial intelligences. Dig this wild story from Nicoletta Lanese concerning 'Magic Mushrooms' Grow In Man's Blood After Injection With Shroom Tea. Rather than making the poor soul permanently trip, nor become a myconid, something far worse happened to this sap. Regarding those who weren't as lucky, the redoubtable Nick Redfern considers A Controversial Death — Psychedelics To Death. While LSD didn't kill Frank Olson, the impact of his... well, impact... and the MKUltra study opened a whole other can of worms still making waves in the 21st century. (CS)

The mystery of migrating birds, and the senses available to them to facilitate their travel, are slowly coming into focus for biologists, and they're winding up being far stranger than expected. Scientists have directly observed it in the lab and, maybe, this will open the doors to a whole new spooky field of inquiry. Don't get lost yet, as Glasgow Boy shares Further Thoughts On The John McLean Sighting. Glasgow Boy collapses the wave function of McLean's sighting, thereby removing the noise from the Nessie signal long sought by cryptozoologists everywhere. (CS)

January 15

Did Eisenhower Meet with ETs? Paranormal Podcast
A look at some of the wilder stories in ufology starts with host Jim Harold welcoming Paul Blake Smith, whose answer is YES to the title question. Smith's recent President Eisenhower's Close Encounters contends that Ike had a meeting with aliens in February of 1954. Smith has assembled a medley of ideas from sources of varying stamp, known Eisenhower behaviors, and different world events to support this idea. We next go Down the Rabbit Hole of a British Politician's Bizarre Alien Claims with Brent Swancer. Brent relates the strange alien experiences recounted by Whitby, North Yorkshire Town Council member Simon Parkes. Brent's The Bizarre Mystery of the Guardian UFO covers the alleged Carp, Ontario, UFO landing and some of its complicated aftermath. More unsettling is the mystery posed in Nick Redfern's question: UFO Researcher Morris Jessup: Murdered For What He Knew? Bound up or not with the uber-controversial "Philadelphia Experiment," Jessup's death and the events leading up to it raise questions. (WM)

Environmental conservation groups have been clandestinely reintroducing the threatened Eurasian lynx to the mountains of Europe since its extinction there in the 19th century. Despite decades of sightings and documented encounters with it throughout the German and Belgian countryside, French wildlife officials deny the lynx has returned. Even so in 2014 a lynx spotted slinking just outside the walls of the magic kingdom in the Parisian suburbs sowed public fear and discord far away from the Alps or the Ardennes. Persistence and survival is the forte of the feral phantom feline, as profiled in Unfurgettable: Why the Beast Of Cumbria Just Won't Go Away. There has been a rash of big cat reports in the Lake District of the UK of late, and The Guardian helps you make heads and tails of the common cryptid. (MS)

Paco Calvo at the University of Murcia’s minimal intelligence lab in Spain and Vicente Raja at the Rotman Institute of Philosophy in London, Canada, conducted an experiment to test whether french bean plants could show goal-directed behaviors consistent with anticipation and fine-scaled tweaking of their movements. They did. Admittedly the result doesn't prove intent but "if plants really do possess intent, it would make sense," says Calvo. An in-depth examination of the controversial issue of sentient vegetation appears in the latest issue of EdgeScience, available as a free pdf from the Society for Scientific Exploration. The entire issue is devoted to the article "Sentient Plants: A Product of Nature or Human Imagination?" by journalist Krissy Eliot. (PH)

The pig that's "warty" in this story is not an unattractive individual porker; it's an actual species and its depiction in an Indonesian scene challenges Eurocentric views of the beginnings of artistic expression. And the research team announcing this find expects "even more significant discoveries," per Katie Hunt. On the other hand, Jocelyne LeBlanc reports that The Stone Age May Have Lasted 20,000 Years Later Than Previously Thought in some parts of western Africa. Extrapolating "from discoveries in small parts of eastern and southern Africa" may be a flawed strategy. If that's not surprising, try Benjamin Plackett's answer to Why was Stonehenge Built? "Your guess is as good as anyone's," his scientist sources say, and when Plackett adds that "technically speaking, Stonehenge isn't even a henge," the ground starts falling away from under us. One historian feels the Stonehenge mystery has "a sort of magic in the not knowing," cueing up Nick Redfern's story about Ancient Stones: Mysterious Connections and Strange Creatures. At certain English megalithic sites you might confront some of the ancient builders themselves! (WM)

January 14

Those familiar with the story of the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) work for the Defense Intelligence Agency may not find the information "shocking." But MJ Banias ties together several solid recent studies with some anonymously-provided material to provide more insight into the whole matter. Embellishment of Skinwalker Ranch experiences by some BAASS employees and "contracts and internal emails detailing the tumultuous relationship between BAASS and the Mutual UFO Network" will likely draw attention. Keith Basterfield illuminates another Robert Bigelow initiative in The TRIAD Research Conference Foundation, and the Bigelow Foundation. This article backs Bigelow's comment in a video embedded in the Banias piece that "I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent" on the ET presence. (WM)

A paranormal investigator in Wales was recently checking an abandoned asylum for spooks and caught something on camera while recording her investigation. She's calling it a trapped soul that needs to be freed. We're calling it a squatter who was getting himself out of the way. You can decide for yourself. Meanwhile, a Mystery ‘Hum’ Spreads From Horsham to Pulborough. Authorities suspect it's the result of heavy industry or construction, but that's little comfort for those afflicted with the endless drone. Silence really is golden, at least when it's in short supply. (CM)

Nick Redfern does a four-part series on the titular subject, beginning with a look back to hairy-scary ancient encounters with Bigfoot-like hominids. In Part 2 he takes a look at watery beasties, including not just Nessie, but also oddities from English waters, too. Part 3 recounts stories of weird winged wonders causing a flap, and finally in Part 4 he turns his attention to wallabies, coypus, and porcupines, all of which have startled UK residents from time-to-time. (LP)

The Scientific Director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) and leading ufologist David Marler have teamed up to assure the preservation and promote the utilization of the Center's case files. The two join host Martin Willis to discuss the genesis of this collaboration, its housing, and plans to assure not only the safety of the archives but their public use by researchers. Interesting UFO cases--many of them not known outside of the files--are highlighted. Tobias and Emily Wayland headline the new tv series 'UFO Witness' to Reopen Case Files of Dr. J. Allen Hynek. "UFO Witness" debuts Thursday on discovery+. Hynek's experience working as scientific resource for several military UFO programs changed him from debunker to the realization UFOs posed a real phenomenon that needed serious study, and founding of CUFOS after Project Blue Book ended. The series initially features the work of the late Jennie Zeidman, a pioneering female investigator and right-hand associate of Hynek. Billy Cox is Among the 3,432 Facebook friends rightfully mourning the passing of Angelia Joiner, another groundbreaking woman in the field. Billy discusses the life and final days of the person whose "reporting had made international headlines 12 Januarys ago" in the wake of the 2008 Stephenville, Texas, UFO events. Joiner's stand for UFO truth cost her her job; COVID-19 took her life, one day after her husband passed from the same horrible disease. (WM)

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