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The Anomalist

November 24

Thanks to the European Space Agency and their 3D galactic map (available to all in its 1.3 billion-star-glory through the GAVS - Gaia Archive Visualization Service), we now have a likely candidate for the home system of the famous Wow! signal observed in 1977 by the now-defunct Big Ear radio telescope. Amateur astronomer Alberto Caballero suggests the strong 72-second intermittent signal to be a local of a star in Sagittarius about 1800 light years away, an identical twin of our own sun in temperature, radius size, and luminosity. That is, if we agree that the best habitat for an extraterrestrial intelligence is indeed a solar system just like our own. After all, a Particle Physicist Offers 75 Reasons We Don’t See Aliens to anyone willing to put aside the popular assumptions behind hopeful star-watching and signal analysis. (MS)

The most well-known case of a person who could levitate is no doubt the story of Jospeh of Copertino. Michael Grosso, the author of The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation, argues that the sheer number of witnesses and the amount of official documentation around this case all but proves that it's a genuine case of human levitation. Most people would consider levitation a miracle, so it's not surprising that Michael Grosso's latest work is Smile of the Universe: Miracles in an Age of Disbelief (Anomalist Books), which David E. Presti, professor of neurobiology, University of California, Berkeley, calls "a sophisticated philosophical and scientific analysis of miracles—a universal phenomenon perhaps never-before investigated so thoroughly in such a sober and open-minded manner." You can hear an interview on miracles with Grosso in the second part of a podcast with Jim Harold, the Paranormal Podcast Guy. And to finish off this trio of Grosso posts, his latest blog post at Consciousness Unbound is Losing Our Sense of the Transcendent in which he reminds us of the traditions of spiritual enlightenment that revolve around the virtues of the void. Joseph of Copertino, he writes, "whose lightness of spirit rendered him immune to gravity, stated very forcefully that his chief aim in life was to become nulla (nothing)." Gives new meaning to the term "good for nothing." (PH)

Where the Buck Stops Herald Tribune
A sidelight to the November 2004 Nimitz UFO encounters is infighting between "Tic Tac" witness Lt. Cmdr. David Fravor and some of the crew on the supporting USS Princeton over what happened on that guided missile cruiser. Billy Cox covers the entry of a "new" Princeton testifier. Billy also sketches the governmental, witness, and To The Stars...Academy of Arts & Science developments since The Big Story of the AATIP and Navy UFO videos broke in late 2017. A potential explanation for the participant brouhaha comes from former AATIP director Luis Elizondo, himself a target for "naysayers," and subject for some Comments on Elizondo relayed by Danny Silva. These remarks about Elizondo's AATIP position come from two other key TTSA members, but there seems no reason to doubt their accuracy. In his Paracast interview Stephen Bassett evinces little doubt about TTSA's role in the "Disclosure" process. Matters may be as conducive as ever towards what Stephen thinks will happen next, but it's questionable whether all his expectations will be met. (WM)

High Strangeness and Conspiracies across the world, with Nick Redfern and Brent Swancer our alternating guides. Nick wants us to be spooked by truly odd events near ancient English monuments. He succeeds. Brent then transports us to a scene of UFOs, Alien Stalkers, and High Strangeness in Florida. Elements in the Ed Walters story as Brent tells it jibe with Nick's narratives, but there's also a long-standing controversy with highly-regarded ufologists on both sides. Nick's Area 51: Lesser-Known Informants Concerning UFO Conspiracies adds the skullduggery element to those of really weird events and harassment from later visitors. Nick highlights George Knapp's work in collecting accounts of strange goings-on at the Nevada test site, and opines on just What The Government May Be Doing in spreading disinformation. Brent ties these threads together in Conspiracies, UFOs, and High Strangeness at a Secret Desert Military Base in Australia. He's describing "Australia's Area 51," the notorious Pine Gap. (WM)

November 23

The folks who came and collected the material aren't replying to queries about what it was, but from the picture we'd guess what landed Wednesday onto the Navajo Nation looks too intact to result from an uncontrolled descent from orbit. Much more suspicious is what's illustrated in Jeff Tavss's We are not Alone? Mysterious Object Found in Utah during Sheep Count. Calling Stanley Kubrick; someone's trying to pull the wool over our eyes! Tim Binnall then highlights a case reminiscent of Colorado and neighboring states almost exactly a year ago with Minnesota Man Tracks Odd UFO Activity. Sounds like drones doing definitely dangerous deeds. Further afield, a Craze of Chinese Lanterns Left People Thinking They were Seeing UFOs. That according to the UK Dorset Echo's Joanna Davis. Beyond the confusion wrought upon the locals by these fiery contraptions, a reader enumerates the potential hazards such narrowly-centered enthusiasm creates. (WM)

Here's a little something for those of you who think Canadians spend all their time making maple syrup, building igloos, and apologizing for themselves. Sometimes Canadians also go a little bit crazy over the paranormal, and if they happen to be a well loved Canadian politician with money aplenty and associates willing to look the other way, they might even go right out of their poutine eating minds. At least, that seems to be what happened with Prime Minister William Lyon McKenzie King. While the Prime Minister was able to keep his activities on the down low back in the day, he wouldn't have such good luck nowadays with reality shows and other media that seem to be everywhere. Here are some examples from Stranger Dimensions: Haunted Celebrities and Aleister Crowley’s Box of Fun. We already know it's "good" TV to watch people willingly put themselves in positions to be frightened. And now we know Aleister Crowley was up to even more nefarious dark magic than we originally guessed. In short, nothing is private anymore, so don't pick up any hobbies that are going to embarrass your loved ones when you're dead and gone. (CM)

The September 1962 UFO Flap of New Jersey The Saucers that Time Forgot
Articles about UFOs Through Time are introduced by Curt Collins' retelling how a possibly "hoax-induced" enthusiasm captured media attention, garnered additional sightings from the general public, "annoyed" local police (some of whom subsequently saw Things They Could Not Explain), and was promoted by saucer-oriented groups to create "a major local flap." Curt brings life to the story with local news clippings and other primary source material. Previous peoples watched the nighttime skies even more than we do, as illustrated by Laura Geggel's Ancient Egyptian Temple Reveals Previously Unknown Star Constellations. What remains of the Greco-Roman period Temple of Esna has impressed in person since its 19th century excavation by the French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette. But a good cleaning has revealed not only its original coloration in all its surprising glory, but additional information on how the ancient Egyptian civilization delineated the heavenly vault. Kevin Randle does his own Searching Archives for UFO cases, and he here reports a doozy of a CEIIem (Close Encounter--Electromagnetic Effect) gem. "Unknown" both as to its cause and to posterity, this solitary incident exemplifies some of the techniques--and gaffes--in the Air Force investigation and recording of such reports. (WM)

November 22

There's a lot to unpack in Alexander Popoff's essay about the nature of existence. From Einstein's relativity, the Three Secrets of Fatima, the immateriality of the past and future, evolution, but eventually everything comes together in a mind-blowing conclusion about the nature of reality. Speaking of the future, Brian Pestano explains Why Our Dreams Could Be The Key To Time Travel, made even more provocative by Alexander's essay and Eric Wargo's Time Loops. Building upon those concepts of space-time, Nemo C. Mörck reviews Jon Taylor's The Nature Of Extrasensory Perception. Drawing upon Daryl Bem's feeling-the-future experiments, J. W. Dunn's An Experiment With Time, among others who make a strong case for precognition. (CS)

November 21

While Maine may be notorious for its resident horror author, there's plenty of home-grown high strangeness of the real kind which Dennis Perkins seeks to celebrate. If you can't make it outdoors, that pandemic thing folks are talking about is a bit of a bother, catch Pine State Phantoms after catching up with this exhaustive list of locales which includes Loren Coleman's International Cryptozoology Museum (ICM). Loren and The Anomalist's team find it important to share, "But, unfortunately, near the end, the reporter mischaracterizes me (Loren Coleman) as the 'owner' of Maine’s 'Cryptozoology Museum.' I am the founder/executive director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, but as it is a Maine & federal nonprofit, the museum is not 'owned' by anyone. It is a public institution." For a little more about the ICM, catch Alexandra Schonfeld's celebration of The World's Weirdest Museums You Didn't Know Exist. Just remember to wear a mask. (CS)

If you can't make it to visit the ICM, Christophe Kilian shares the remarkable history of mokele mbembe, its sightings, expeditions for the beast, along with a few potential explanations for Africa's biggest beast, and why it's plausible for dinosaurs to have survived all these aeons. Other beasts are less elusive much like the The Pride Of Bristol — Bay Catching The Iliamna Lake Monster. Bjorn Dihle spoke with Bruce Wright about the bay's resident monster, the astonishing times it got away, and why those circumstances are provocative enough to make the most greyest of faces feel a twinge of belief. On the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean, Ashleigh Young gets to the bottom of New Zealand's Obsession With Giant Feline Sightings. Say what? Australia's not the only place with mysterious big cats and Ashleigh has a bit of fun trolling for these monstrous moggies roaming Kiwi country. (CS)

Steve Hammons has a plausible explanation for the "stoneness" of sky canoes reported by some Native American peoples. A later date should be preferred over the "early 1100s" for The Great Peacemaker Dekanawida in one story, much closer to the dates accepted for Hiawatha, the other co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy. Continuing with the sociology of ufology, Brent Swancer offers The Strange Story of Daniel Fry and the White Sands UFO Incident. Brent examines the career of this first-generation Contactee and marvels at its true incomprehensibility. David Halperin concludes his examination of some key mass UFO sightings in "The Phenomenon" - Reflections on James Fox's New UFO Documentary (Part 3) - UFO Encounter at Ariel School. Readers may wish to review David's two previous installments, and judge whether the assumptions and reasonings he employs are justified. (WM)

November 20

From Russia With Hominins Stranger Reality
Missing the joys of international travel? Join a charming fellowship of CFZ scientists for a well-crafted travelogue of a 2008 cryptozoo expedition through the Mt. Elbrus area of the majestic Caucasus Mountains on the border between Georgia and Russia. Beware the dark serpents of unusually large size reported in the forests and mountain streams; the Almasty, a smaller man-ape of superhuman strength; or the Mazeri, his taller yet less-visible cousin. Scale icy cliffs and caves for samples and gather terrific tales from local villagers by day, then overnight in a creepy abandoned farmhouse with a history of grisly murders and a reputation for ghoulish night terrors. Prefer a more tropical foray into the fantastic? Give your attention Over To The Orang Kardil – Sumatra's 'Other' Orang Pendek? There are a few different diminutive and upright apes to find lurking through the dense island jungles of Indonesia, from the spear-chucking ebu gogo to the decidedly more peaceful Orang Pendek, and Karl Shuker is a great guide. (MS)

Unidentified Submerged Objects and Sensor Detection Systems Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - Scientific Research
Australian researcher Keith Basterfield improves our knowledge of USOs and various means that could possibly detect them. To the many accounts of things going into, coming out of, or traveling under water one might add the Shag Harbour UFO incident, which incited a major search effort and Canadian government documentation. Likely some such cases were recorded by the US government under the auspices Duncan Phenix describes in The Bolender Memo: Blue Book Ended, but Secret Pentagon Study of UFOs Continued. Duncan notes in his text that it's the Bolender "Draft," not "Memo," and discusses its background plus subsequent government-backed efforts to get at the UFO mystery. More on governmental interest in the gamut From Flying Saucers to Secret Spy Planes and Controversial Statistics comes from Nick Redfern. Nick doesn't insist upon Gerald Haines' 1997 claim that 96% of UFO sightings were explicable as US spy planes, but Nick's probably right that the CIA found UFOs a convenient diversion from attention towards its high-flyers. (WM)

The Grand Pavilion in Derbyshire was built in 1910 and when it wasn't home to marvelous high-brow events it served as a military hospital in both WWI and WWII. It should come as no surprise then that the facility seems to be occupied by the spirits of long departed nurses who dedicated themselves to caring for injured soldiers. Want to find out if spooky buildings in your own area are haunted? Here are Five Forgotten Techniques For Budget Ghost Hunting. They all sound simple and very very do-able, and we're betting some of you won't be able to resist the allure of trying out these methods, all without expensive equipment. Happy ghost hunting! (CM)

More celebrities of various types speak out about UFO-related experiences. George Knapp interviews the legendary Fogerty about his lifelong interest in UFOs and a decidedly interesting recurrent "flying" dream. Bonus: some Fogerty songs that if you're lucky, you will remember. Meanwhile UFC Legend Diego Sanchez Claims He Saw UFO Which Was 'Watching Me' - 'This S*** Was Contact' he asserts. The Mixed Martial Arts pro's career has been an even 13-13 since a blazing start, but who knows how Sanchez' fortunes may rise after a UFO singled him out on the 11th of this month. With Man Claims He Met Robbie Williams on an Alien Spaceship Paul Seaburn introduces some of us to a British pop star and also to the founder of British UFO Hunters. "UFO Hunter" Russ Kellett claims an abduction experience shared in part with singer-songwriter Robbie Williams, who numbers more than one close encounter himself. However, Williams says "No comment" to Kellett's story. (WM)

November 19

Streamathon 2020 Anomaly Archives
What are you doing on Saturday? Streaming Live via the Anomaly Archives YouTube-Channel and Facebook page is a free fundraising streamathon that will feature 20+ lecturers, movies, and music presentations across multiple Saturdays, beginning November 21st. On tap for this Saturday are Ed Conroy, Zelia Edgar, Ken Gerhard, Walter Bosley, and Paul Kimball. This is an Emergency-Fundraiser to ensure the survival of the Anomaly Archives; please consider supporting them with a donation via GoFundMe, PayPal – Me, or Facebook. The Anomaly Archives is the lending library of the non-profit Scientific Anomaly Institute in Austin Texas. Their collection houses over 7,000 books as well as research materials such as, videos, documents, thousands of periodicals and “zines,” and personal correspondence of researchers and experiencers. The organization seeks to preserve and disseminate scientific research on anomalous phenomena, conduct research and analyze the accumulated collections, and educate the public regarding scientific investigations into these phenomena. (PH)

A fellow in Ireland was recently brought up on assault charges against his girlfriend, and it looked like the charges were going to stick. That is until witnesses came forward verifying the defendant's claim that the marks of battery covering the victim were the result of demonic possession. The court bought it. Also on the Emerald Isle, Druids Help Unlucky Farmer With Invisible Troubles In Cork, Ireland. It seems a very important boulder on the farmer's property got pushed into an area occupied by fairies. What followed was a veritable plague of misfortune that required a pair of Druids to make nice with a group of ticked off fae. (CM)

A new paper promotes a 233 million-year-old extinction event to the status of the five major recognized cataclysms. Situated between the accepted Permian-Triassic Extinction at 250 million BP and the Triassic-Jurassic Extinction around 210 million years ago, the "Carnian Pluvial Episode" (CPE) "was a period of rapid biological turnover on a global scale." Scott Norris discusses how researchers came to this elevated status for the CPE, that it was "a period of new beginnings" just as much of worldwide death, and the likely agency for the change. A Sea Urchin Fossil Found at Mesolithic Site in Bulgaria is enhancing both our concepts of keepsakes and shell-collecting at the same time. Not only that, but the Ohoden Early Neolithic settlement is now recognized to date back to a developmental period 1,000 years previous to what its title implies. But when the Neolithic period was in full swing in southern Britain, New Dates Point to Neolithic Construction Boom. Archaeology asserts a surprising condensed "flurry of monumental building activity" around 2500 B.C.E. (WM)

The UAP "Con" UFO Conjectures
Some commentary on Things Ufological, beginning with Rich Reynolds seeing through the military's substitution of "UAP" for "UFO." It's also arguable that "UAPological" just sounds sillier than good ol' "UFOlogical." Continuing his insistence that "UFO" really means "flying saucer" to most of us, Rich considers how UFO incidents morph over time in a witness's mind due to "the illusory truth effect." The result: A Minor Event, Even a Lie, Turns into a Fictional "Truth". Rich thinks this process operates in discrete events such as Rendlesham, is behind continuing Contactee narratives, and affects many "UFO enthusiasts" who consume the transformed results. Might this perspective apply in a sense and on a broader scale than single accounts to Nick Redfern's Aggressive Occult Forces and How and Why UFO-Driven Theories Waver? Nick cites as examples Albert Bender and Trevor James Constable whose postures toward UFO phenomena altered considerably over time. (WM)

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