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September 23

Jocelyne LeBlanc leads off with this absolutely bonkers tale of a UFO that rained liquid upon some prisoners in Dorset. In this case, a "rash judgement" for cause seems possibly justified. Brent Swancer contributes The Weird Case of Dr. Reed, a Strange Encounter, and His Screaming Alien Body. Points for and against this surpassingly weird story of a captured ET are offered, and Brent lets the reader decide. Paul Seaburn may give the reader too much to ponder in A UFO Speed Calculator and 1999 More Calculators You Never Knew You Needed. This delightfully whacky news drove us to look further, and we liked the Alien Civilization Calculator even more. In a US Congressman Listened to Nimitz Tic Tac UFO Encounter as It Happened Paul also somewhat chastises Representative Mike Garcia for an apparent lack of follow-through from his experience. (WM)

A photographer snapping pictures for a realtor in Tennessee recently was surprised to discover a white garbed figure in the background of one of his photos. As the area formerly served as a field hospital in the American Civil War, it makes sense, as these things go, that a long-deceased nurse or nun might still be around waiting to assist with the next round of casualties. This next Ghostly Photo Captured at Ireland’s Haunted Moore Hall doesn't have as decorated a background as a field hospital. Supposedly cursed by a druid several centuries ago, the Hall has seen its fair share of misfortune. Admittedly that misfortune might well have been the result of the times lived in, rather than an ancient curse. We finish up this ghostly roundup with a more light-hearted case: Antiques Shop Owner in Massachusetts Gets Video Proof It’s Haunted. Previously serving as a Masonic Lodge, the building seems to have "guests" that leave the toilet seat up, play music on a toy radio, and set off the door ringer. If the goal is to tell the building's female occupant that only men are allowed, the resident spooks are failing miserably because the store owner finds the whole situation delightful. (CM)

Chris Carter Interview Strange Arrivals
The X Files creator Chris Carter sits down with Toby Ball to discuss how the series started, how it developed, and its hold upon audiences. Toby Ball is an excellent interviewer, asking good questions and letting his guest form full answers before moving on. Carter dwells upon the dichotomy between FBI agent "Believer" Fox Mulder and "Skeptic" Dana Scully, and this fundamental juxtaposition and contest is noted in Ball's next interview with David Halperin. Halperin unrolls his nuanced Jungian theory of UFOs as "Myth" and therefore having critically important meaning for humanity. He discusses Mulder and Scully battling with shadowy government agencies to reveal the Truth, about which they may both disagree. Men-in-Black, Betty and Barney Hill, and Gray Barker among other iconic figures come in for review. On Ryan Sprague with Tim Swartz Gene Steinberg and guest co-host Tim chat with the extremely agreeable and personable Sprague about Matters Current. While most of the easy conversation isn't "deep," Sprague seems an excellent communicator, perhaps especially to an audience relatively new to the field. (WM)

September 22

This stunning suggestion at least quadruples the antiquity of human art, and removes that laurel from "Homo sapiens." That's at least the contention of a group of scholars publishing their findings in Science Direct. Ashley Cowie has the story about two unnamed Denisovan kids who may have been responsible for this groundbreaking discovery. Cowie colleague Nathan Falde reports another surprise as Giant Camel Sculptures in Saudi Desert Found to be Incredibly Ancient. New analysis shows that these reliefs, only discovered three years ago, may also be almost four times their earlier estimated age. Next, A Giant Space Rock Demolished an Ancient Middle Eastern City and Everyone in it -- Possibly Inspiring the Biblical Story of Sodom. Christopher R. Moore and four co-authors paint a horrific scenario of Tall el-Hammam's last cataclysmic moments, and note "The scary thing is, it almost certainly won't be the last time a human city meets this fate." Their Scientific Reports paper is available at A Tunguska Sized Air Burst Destroyed Tall el-Hammam a Middle Bronze Age City in the Jordan Valley Near the Dead Sea. (WM)

In an article "being republished due to reader interest," David Axe imagines an Independence Day scenario and what the two most-likely-involved superpowers would do about it. This, now, in the shadows of Alleged Tic Tac UFOs Recorded Near Space Force Base. Jason Suraci's been photographing odd stuff doing exactly what Axe predicted ETs might do, and for their own reasons. Such alien frolics themselves would be A Plausible Reason Why UFO Disclosure Won't Happen, and why Paul Seaburn was worried about Suraci being in danger from the military. Especially if, as Nick Redfern suggests in this piece, the U.S. government possesses gobs of footage and pilot testimony, plus an alien body or two, and yet "hasn't got a clue as to what the full story is!" Who'd want to admit that? A capstone to this discussion is news that San Marino Could Become the U.N.'s New "Geneva" for UFOs. "Project Titan" wants to create a "United Nations-backed Conference dedicated to the study of unidentified aerial phenomena." Tim McMillan lists four major reasons such an initiative is necessary, and what's being done to put it in place. An embedded video largely recaps the article, but includes a useful dialogue where Luis Elizondo discusses the "historical nature" of this effort. (WM)

The strange doesn't necessarily require cryptids or the paranormal. Simply finding something well out of its usual environment can be enough to leave us scratching our heads. This first example is from 2013 and involves a couple of college kids on a long road trip late at night, and a very large stag sauntering onto a dark highway. No collision thankfully, although the incident leaves the impression of something unnatural/otherworldly in the exhausted, road weary eyes of the witnesses. Then there are the 911 calls where people claim 'I Think I See A Zebra': Police Release 911 Call Regarding Zebras Running Loose In Wisconsin. Now in fairness, this particular incident really did involve a zebra. Two zebras, in fact. Callers could be forgiven for freaking out a little. Fortunately zebras round up nicely when not being chased by predators. (CM)

September 21

Impressed by the testimony of military, police, and Other People Of Importance, Daniel Lavelle attempts an even-handed treatment of the UFO/Alien Close Encounter scenario in particular. Lavelle of course has the Expert Opinions and makes one or two unfortunate characterizations of those who consider seriously the possibility of ET visitation. But in sum maybe some of us more common folks are having more than sleep-deprived, drug-aided hallucinatory, or mentally wrought experiences. One who works with such people is the guest on Surviving Extraterrestrials: Inside Trauma and Experiencers with NK Kranda!. Kranda is an extraordinarily matter-of-fact experiencer, who doesn't speculate "authoritatively" like so many in the business do. She doesn't recommend hypnotic regression, and calls out "hit and run" practitioners who open up a can of PTSD worms and exit the scene, leaving the witness bereft of further support towards coping with the new information. Then from the clinical side, Mindy Weisberger reports that 'Alien Abduction' Stories May Come from Lucid Dreaming, Study Hints. A Moscow research facility's findings are reported. The link to Emulating Alien and UFO Encounters in REM Sleep will allow evaluation of the study's protocols and findings. (WM)

This first report comes from a couple of bow hunters in the US. The details of their story don't add up particularly, but that can be overlooked in light of the sheer terror they experienced in this encounter with two enormous bipeds having a pissy day. No doubt they needed some of what this next fellow was hunting: Ginseng Hunter Finds Possible Bigfoot Evidence in Southeast Kentucky. American ginseng is evidently quite soothing, and this herbalist may have needed its calming effects himself after coming upon some strange tree breaks and a footprint outside an abandoned mine. (CM)

In the first of several UFO media presentations, David Halperin notes some odd things in the new Jacques Vallee/Paola Harris collaborative book Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret about a 1945 UFO crash story. David suggests a kind of folie a trois among the witnesses, which absolves them of intentional hoaxing in the shadow of a truly horrific mundane event. He promises more on this later. Nigel Watson has mixed feelings about Beyond Pascagoula. That's Irena McCammon Scott's new volume Beyond Pascagoula: The Rest Of The Amazing Story. Watson does allow it's "a good addition to Philip Mantle's championing of the Pascagoula case." In This NFT of an ET is DOA The Observer explains Non Fungible Tokens and Ray Santilli's failed effort to sell one in an online auction. We remain confused about NFTs and why Santilli thought anyone would want to buy his single frame of the Roswell "Alien Autopsy." And Rich Reynolds gives a favorable nod to Tony Harris and The Proof is Out There Season Two History channel debut. (WM)

September 20

Representative Mike Garcia was in the air when the now-iconic 2004 "Tic Tac" incident occurred. In a Roll Call interview Garcia makes the now-standard Congressional remarks on the UFO/UAP subject, reinforcing the threat aspect, but accepting the notion that life exists elsewhere in the universe. And maybe this is Progress. Keith Basterfield has been looking into the matter of Luis Elizondo, ICER, and that San Marino Conference that was held on September 11th and 12th. The "triple symposium" was to feature Elizondo and Christopher Mellon presenting on "ICER, Cover Up and Disclosure." The conference website currently does not show Mellon as having spoken, but Keith is looking for anyone with a link to Elizondo's presentation. And Jason Colavito's had a bad time as William Morrow Wins Bidding War for "Shocking" Lue Elizondo UFO Memoir. There's something to several of Jason's complaints, though he exaggerates the threat of a government UFO/UAP office and his histrionics occasionally lead him into confusing typos. (WM)

We have the perfect prescription for anyone (all of us) needing respite from the endless disaster movie that is 2020-2021. Distraction! And by distraction we mean researcher and filmmaker Karac St. Laurent has released a new documentary--about a hairy, manlike creature in this New Hampshire town--as an homage to the cryptid documentaries of the the 1970s (think The Legend of Boggy Creek). You can see it at the Crash-Course Cryptozoology YouTube channel. And when you're done with that, pop more popcorn and prepare to be amazed, because The ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ lives again, in colorized 4K video reconstruction. The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has taken the best known footage of a captive thylacine, digitized and colorized the 1933 film, then handed it over to be completed by Samuel François-Steininger of the Paris-based Composite Films. (CM)

Rich Reynolds offers opinions for consideration on several UFO matters. Here Rich fears that the 1973 Pascagoula case will degenerate into the rather complicated, confused, and controversy-wrought mess that Roswell and Rendlesham have all too much become. In Hallucinogenics and UFO Events Rich presents a possible cause for some UFO events like Pascagoula and requests comment from Nick Redfern, who obliges. And Rich says Fame is Fleeting, but in Ufology it Just Doesn't Exist. Maybe a general emphasis on consumption and not on real mentation in popular ufology stems from many (not Elizondo nor even, necessarily, DeLonge) being in it for the wrong reasons. What to do, then? (WM)

September 19

At first blush, this article is remarkably silly. Reading and analyzing further illustrates the depth of Dave Clements's sarcasm with such a declaration.Also saying phosphine being a major component of the Venusian atmosphere, at 5 parts per billion, demonstrates how Harsh Vardhan may be oblivious or merely playing along with the ruse. But do aliens really exist on Earth or elsewhere? A NASA Scientist Weighs In On The Existence Of Extraterrestrials by way of Instagram and Paul Seaburn, but we'll leave it up to you to determine if this is so much fluff, or something heavier and more concrete from Never-A-Straight-Answer. (CS)

Dogs often see ghosts, but sometimes ghosts can avoid their keen gaze and pull a fast one. Tim "Millennial" Binnall was browsing YouTube like all good millennials when he found internet gold — animals and ghosts. They're like chocolate and peanut butter, and the footage may be the most adorable paranormal video you've seen this side of the veil. Much more terrifying is Brent Swancer. And we mean Brent Swancer's writing. Not his writing, but what he writes about in The Ringcroft Entity. This gem from the late 17th century may very well be a wry take on "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..." (CS)

Some, like Milton Mermikides, argue sending Bach's music out on the Voyager golden disc is 'just showing off' to aliens. And why not put humanity's best foot forward in the cosmos? Milton waxes poetic upon Bach's adroit skill in writing music, Bach's fascination with numerology and the occult, and how everything comes together in such a simple fashion that it requires a preternatural genius to breathe life into such feats. (CS)

September 18

Our sun is the source of all life, but it could mean the end... for sharing cat pictures and Twitter if there's another Carrington Event. How prepared is America, let alone the world, for such an eventuality? Brandon Spektor has the price tag in dollarsand human lives to satisfy your curiosity. Even if geomagnetic storm doesn't disconnect our planet, Micah Hanks wants to remind you of some homegrown threats. For example, Deadly Supervolcano Eruptions Remain A Threat For Centuries according to a new study from Curtin University. Micah Hanks has all the details, and then some, making for some delicious Saturday morning doom porn. One could say humanity, or at least the west, is experiencing its own apocalypse right now as waves of conspiracies and disinformation erode the shores of our rationality. Fortunately F.E. Guerra-Pujol has figured out how to profit from this by Betting On Conspiracies. It's a lot like a hedge fund, and Guerra-Pujol illustrates an entire marketplace for betting for, and against, these crackpot theories. But if time is not an issue, who needs to bet anyway because everything's certain. For example Paul Seaburn heard tell how a Time Traveler Dares To Reveal Major September Events Of Disaster And Destruction. Kindly note the time-traveler is using Tik Tok and many of these prognostications are downright hilarious. (CS)

One measure of animal consciousness, if not sentience, is their perspective on death. Take the Virginia opossum and its defense tactic to play dead. It requires an understanding of death, and also knowing how predators apprehend death in order to pull of the ruse. These may appear to be simple concepts, yet Susana Monsó takes a deep dive into their fundamental philosophy with a basis in the counterintuitive evolutionary advantages of thanatosis and how it illuminates the complexities of these tiny lives. In a similar vein, there are the thorny questions of, "Do Cats Speak? Of Course. Do They Have Language? Not Exactly…." Cats have scores of vocalizations by which they order around humans, What Professor Susanne Schotz discovered is that it's not what cats are saying, but how they're saying it. For one's own amusement and edification, Ruth Schuster provides video examples of feline communication. We here at The Anomalist also recommend visiting the catswhoyell subreddit for further examples of varying scientific merit. (CS)

September 17

The Latest Developments from U.S. Congress Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - Scientific Research
Keith Basterfield presents U.S. Senate and House proposed legislation enabling further reporting and study of UAP incidents, and D. Dean Johnson's considered opinion as to what's next to coordinate these separate initiatives. Such developments prompt Billy Cox to ask Can We Please Not Screw This Up this time? Against the apparently real current Congressional interest and activity regarding UAPs/UFOs, Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies' Robert Powell--and Billy--worry that History may just repeat itself. John Greenewald produces an Internal DoD/IG PowerPoint Presentation on UFO/UAP Evaluation Released to him by FOIA action. John's summary is apt, and the import of the DoD's Inspector General evaluation of "the DoD's actions regarding UAPs" remains unclear. Taking advantage of such news, SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk Sparks a Twitter Frenzy with Claim 'There are UFOs' -- as US Congress Moves to Set Up a Unit to Probe Alien Crafts Detected by the Military. Ian Randall has the story and reactions to Musk's canny remarks--part of a new Tesla self-driving system promo. The U.S. legislative background and a section on Conspiracy Theories round out the British Daily Mail article. (WM)

Here we have an examination of the extraordinarily tragic life of trance medium Eileen Garrett. Having lost nearly everyone who mattered to her--repeatedly--it makes a certain amount of sense that Garrett's strongest skill set would be receiving  communications from those on the other side, as well as premonitions of death and messages whereby death could be avoided. Had her timeline coincided with that of writer and photographer Shannon Taggart, no doubt she would have had no problem convincing the world of her authenticity. Capturing The Secret World Of The Séance – Photographs of the Other Side are the result of  Taggart's "deep dive" into spiritualism, revealing strange anomalies that lend credence to the process of mediumship. It is indeed a case of needing that proverbial extra set if eyes ie the camera in order to see what's really happening. (CM)

Nick Redfern has some thoughts upon the perennial debate about government Disclosure. His first offering is an apocalyptically-frighteningly one, backed by his spectacular volume Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, published by Anomalist Books. Full Disclosure just may be too hot a matter to handle. Nick sketches a less-scary but still much-debated disclosure angle in Unacknowledged Aircraft: From the "Aurora" to "Silent Planes" and "Flying Triangles". Three variants of this topic are considered. And in The Most Complicated UFO Case Ever? Maybe, Maybe Not... Nick discusses the highly controversial 1948 Aztec, New Mexico, UFO Crash, and a potentially real misinformation purpose behind that tale. (WM)

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